Company History

Challenge Group International LLC was originally organized in the early 1980’s to provide consulting and advisory services to a variety of business sectors that included financial, energy, real estate, construction, and radio & television media.

The company emerged out of that decade into a more strategically focused provider of capital and financial services to companies that needed comprehensive investment banking services. The majority of these were entities in which Andrew Martin, the founder & principal of CGI, had been actively involved during those early growth years as a shareholder or minority investor as well as an executive officer, including Chairman, CEO, or Managing Partner.

CGI later expanded its consulting services to include equity and debt financing, merger and acquisition advisory services, and business relationship activities. CGI’s core strength has always been its business development and sales & marketing services, which were the original cornerstones of Mr. Martin’s experience in helping to build businesses.

Our Current Focus

Today, CGI employs a highly focused, team-oriented approach by bringing together people and resources along with professional organizations to facilitate transactions and results that are timely and cost effective.  The company is proud to have been instrumental in assisting many private and public microcap growth companies over the years in achieving their financial and business objectives through a diversified array of services.