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Investor Login

The Investor Room is a secure password protected area for all due diligence related to projects and companies represented by Challenge Group International, LLC.  The virtual data room is cloud-based and driven by both drop box technology and file sharing software exclusively designed by iDeals.

Access to the Investor Room is operated by executing a CA/NDA furnished by CGI. An email and password will provide direct access to a specific project or company. The data and information contained in related folders will be segregated by business area, e.g. financial, legal, sales & marketing, etc. The user can download information and also print accordingly. Access will be granted for a certain time frame, generally 90 days, at which time the user will be notified of cancellation or extension of access. The data provided by CGI will be updated periodically during the due diligence process of any one project or company.

If you have any problems accessing the Investor Room please email support for assistance.