Business Development

Our business development service comprises a number of tasks and processes specifically designed to take advantage of opportunities that enable you to achieve your highest growth potential. We focus on the initiation and creation of long-term value for an organization through a thorough analysis of its existing customers, markets, and relationships. From this foundation we have the perspective to target new customers and prospective markets using innovative techniques that encompass the latest advances in CRM technologies, while preserving the traditional methods of selling and closing.

Our successful, time-tested, disciplined approach to value creation includes the following development activities:

A business developer directs the activities of the development efforts of the company

  • Collaborating and integrating the internal knowledge and feedback of the respective specialists within the organization – R& D, Production, Marketing & Sales.
  • Development of tools to address the business tasks including business plan, financial modeling, software and hardware upgrades along with analytics to determine “how to make money.“
  • Formulation and adaptation of external methodologies for reaching customers with print and electronic media as well as direct solicitation – Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Incorporating the skill sets of the whole organization – Legal, Finance, Management, Marketing and Sales.
  • Creation of a pipeline process for high grading customers and potential business opportunities through Web-based or internal sales portals.

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