Corporate Advisory

Building an organization from the top down is critical to the success of any company. Challenge Group International, LLC actively assists matching business leaders in their respective areas of influence to the right boards and further coordinates strategic relationships to open new vistas of opportunity for their companies.

A board of directors represents the tone and direction of an organization from its outset. CGI works with our clients to identify the best individuals to be contributing board members, which is critical to building the long term value of the company. Each must represent various segments of the business, e.g., finance, engineering, sales and marketing, and human resources along with a host of other attributes. In addition, our strategic board model addresses many other key facets including board tenure, compensation, executive responsibilities and duties, and committee representation, among others.

We also assist our clients in the creation of advisory boards, which promote development of areas of specialization needed to advance the company’s business plan such as scientific research and development, legal representation, frameworks for patent and other business issues, and advisors and consultants as applicable. Our comprehensive advisory service also addresses the essential integration of management with the board, and the board’s overall strategy and objectives for the company.

As an outgrowth of our market research, a significant component of our advisory service is the identification of strategic alliances that can play a significant part in the long term development of a microcap company.  Key alliances allow for a more rapid expansion of markets as well as sourcing for a multitude of other supply chain needs of an organization.

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